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A few words about ordering from our site.

If you see that we will ship within 1-5 days, it means our distributor has copies and we can send it out to you within that time frame. It's also possible that we have the book in stock. We'll send an email to let you know the status of your order once we've checked our shelves. Our inventory moves in and out quickly and is not tied in to our website. Also, in checkout, you have the option to order online and pick up and pay for your order at the store.

If you see that a book is a special order and subject to availability, it means just that. Sometimes we need to call the publisher to find out if a title is truly available. If you try to order a subject to availability title on Friday we probably won't have an answer for you until Monday or Tuesday. Please be patient, we haven't forgotten you.

Thank you for your attention. You may continue.

Want to know what we like?

Take a look at the New and Noteworthy and Staff Picks pages.  Many titles have a look inside feature along with reviews to help you decide if a book is right for you. The search engine we use is quite good, though not infallible. If you can't find a title, please call us at 707-822-2834 or send an email to info@northtownbooks.com. We're quite clever at tracking things down.

Information about Kobo ebooks is available on the right.

Just click on About Kobo eBooks in the Kobo icon. Kobo e-editions are compatible with almost every reader on the market.

Kindle editions are a proprietary product only available at the WalMart of online retailers. You know who we're talking about. If you do have a Kindle reading device, you can still support your independent bookstore and manage and read your ebooks with an app available at this site calibre-ebook.com.

We love a good algorithm, but A plus B doesn't always equal C. We're happy to give you qualified recommendations.