Conscious Change Today: From Me to We COVID, Climate Change, and the Rise of Feminine-Energy (Paperback)

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Conscious Change through Positive Feminine-Energy:

The Link Between COVID, Climate Change, Gen Z, and the Rise in the Status of Women

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BOTH COVID and Climate Change have a common source based on outdated, unethical "Me" attitudes. The solution can be found in the current rise in a caring feminine-energy-based "We" culture that's just as important in men as in women.

Conscious Change is about moving from Me to We. And the Conscious Change Movement is growing every day leading to greater happiness, success, and a meaningful life, plus a more peaceful, loving, and sustainable world.

In this first book in the Conscious Change Series of Books, ethicist, philosopher, and Award-Winning author, Kashonia Carnegie PhD, uses world news events, personal stories, activities, diagrams, and pictures to explain the links between our changing world, the current rise in the status of women, COVID, and Climate Change. By discussing both sides to the most significant issues affecting us all today, you're offered a path to a positive future.

In Conscious Change Today you'll discover ...

✓ What the buzz-word "conscious" actually means and how to live a conscious life in our new conscious world.

✓ The links at different levels between COVID-19, Climate Change, and the Rise of Feminine-Energy.

✓ An introduction to what a conscious economy could look like and how it would benefit our post-COVID world.

✓ How future global trends proposed 35+ years ago are now playing out today, exactly as indicated.

Evidence of the energy that's empowering Women and Gen Zs like Greta Thunberg today, based on the quantum theory of Global Consciousness.

✓ How the term "conscious" can be applied to a 21st century ethics-based form of feminism-Conscious Feminism-and what that entails and why it's important if you want to go out and make a difference in your own life, or change the world-even if you're not a feminist.

✓ Discover too Kashonia's surprising answer to the question: Has #MeToo gone too far?

✓ And following the chapter, "Conscious Masculinity", you'll find some very positive and ethical steps for transforming our current patriarchal culture into a culture of genuine equality for all.

✓ Also presented is a blueprint for becoming a Conscious Leader of Change and living in harmony with our new millennium leading to a more conscious world of peace, love, and sustainability at home, at work, or within the world at large, whether you're a woman, a man, or identify as LGBTQ+.

The choice is yours, the time is now, it's up to you to help us make the difference that we all want to see and that nature's demanding as evidenced by COVID and Climate Change.

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by Kashonia Carnegie

Revised content and New Title

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ISBN: 9780648761617
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Publication Date: August 10th, 2020
Pages: 278
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