Know Longer Single: Turning Singles into Spouses (Paperback)

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Know Longer Single is the definitive dating guide for those that just can't seem to find the lasting relationship that they desire.Daryl and Dom can't count the number of eligible singles they have met over the years -- countless singles who have great personalities, are running businesses and excelling in their careers, traveling the world, all while staying in amazing shape. So when it comes to relationships why can't these same people either find someone compatible or maintain the desired relationship that they have? According to Daryl and Dom, it's because they are searching for the answers from external sources when the remedy comes from within. This book will guide you to an internal place so amazing, that it will attract into your life all the things that are for you and repel the things that aren't. This book will walk you through the stage prior to meeting someone to all the way down the aisle with sections of advice on maneuvering through past failed relationships, qualifying potential dates, money and sex while dating, and much more.Know Longer Single is a must read if you desire to successfully matriculate through the dating phase of your life, and build the lasting relationship you desire. Daryl and Dom believe that once you "Know" how to be single, you will "no" longer be single.
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ISBN: 9781094851372
ISBN-10: 109485137X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 16th, 2019
Pages: 104
Language: English