No Window for Me (Paperback)

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No Window for Me is for all intensive purposes, a mistake. This was not an intentional writing. This came from writings that was intended for personal therapy from the realization that Yvette was in a relationship with someone else, while only separated from the author. Obviously Donald had intentions on at least trying to work things out, at least for the children. After realizing he has lost his wife and children as he knew it to be, the pain and anger was too much to bear. Donald had to find a way to express his feelings He began to walk two miles per day, and write down his feelings. From Day One to Day Eighteen, he witnessed his life transform from asking many questions to receiving some answers. In the beginning, Donald was sure his life was over. However, what has happened by days Seventeen and Eighteen, was the miracle of acceptance, after two consecutive weks of pain and despair.
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ISBN: 9781456717605
ISBN-10: 145671760X
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: October 14th, 2011
Pages: 108
Language: English