Midwife to a Butterfly: Sacred Synchronicity, Near-Death Bliss & Our Collective Rebirth of Consciousness (Paperback)

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Midwife to a Butterfly is an autobiography about waking up from our social hypnosis to the inherent sacredness of life. From some unusual & unexpected butterfly stories to the near-death discovery of a tumor growing in the part of her brain shaped like a butterfly, life's synchronicities provide an ongoing path toward finding meaning. Written from her untouched right-brain, the lateral style explores our collective need for strengthening personal and social trust, within our shared reality - as the butterfly demonstrated. From cellular intelligence and non-cognitive knowingness, disabilities and unpredicted life changes, to long-studied astrology & energy work - it's about choosing to live in loving awareness - no matter what our life experiences may be. Developing trust in ourselves and others, with whatever strength each of us holds, contributes towards living in a way of supporting each other - diversity included.

About the Author

Rev. Elisabeth Zenker's full Bliss experience awakening in a medical helicopter is what inspired the writing of this book. Long trained in both vibrational astrology and psychic energy - the latter giving her the title of Reverend in 1989 - her brain tumor surgery initiated an embodied deepening of her spiritual abilities, despite the accompanying losses. In this time of so much social change, despite earning her Master of Social Work and running a family homeless shelter, or teaching Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention in both middle and high schools, the timing of her initial seizure coincided with being in the right place and time for her life to be saved. Right-brain connected alternative tools helped her recover from this surgery far beyond any medical expectations - while strengthening her ability towards practicing vibrational healing!
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Publication Date: March 31st, 2017
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