Crazy Faith: I'm Not Crazy But I Do Have...Isaiah 41:10 NLT (Hardcover)

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What does it mean to have "crazy faith"? Well, for author Cindey Edwards, it is believing in God when it seems like it is impossible to see Him turn around a circumstance. Her new autobiography, also called Crazy Faith, is her life story as she shares how a great mistake she made in disobeying God caused her to journey on a path of learning the importance of trusting God and not leaning on her own understanding. Her life, at one point, seemed picture perfect, as Cindey was married to her high school sweetheart and was raising children in a seemingly good marriage. Cindey saw that they grew to be unequally yoked, as she grew spiritually and could be found regularly at church while her husband had his own agenda. Despite her attempts to encourage the marriage's spiritual growth, the decision was made for Cindey and her husband to separate and start the process of living apart while raising their children. As the journey continued though, Cindey learned that God was taking her on a path where she would have to grow and come to terms with whether her decisions matched up with God's will and plan. Cindey found writing Crazy Faith helped her heal her broken heart to become the stronger, wiser, and better woman God knew her to be. She also realized her story could impact the lives of others in similar situations, to be reminded that God doesn't leave or forsake us and will deliver His promises to us on time. Just as she was "crazy" enough to trust God during one of the most challenging times in her life, Cindey wants readers to also take a chance on loving and trusting God, and see blessings come forth. Cindey Edwards is a Realtor (R), teacher & mother committed to the work of God She found The Lord at a young age and has come to know Him in a "real way". She finds joy in worshipping God in song, Bible teachings, creating & sharing daily inspirations personally and on social media Anything she can do in serving to help others. She has a love for young adults & the game of tennis Follow Cindey on FB @ CindeyExpectingdailyEdwards, IG @ dreamhomeswithCindey or email @
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ISBN: 9781662809552
ISBN-10: 1662809557
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2021
Pages: 106
Language: English