The Depth Of Snow (Paperback)

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Jealousy, revenge, and cyber-bulling threaten the lives of five Callie High students.Tish Felts, a young lady with a will of iron, is determined to help her boyfriend, Logan, escape his drug addiction-a threat to their long planned graduation and marriage. Time after time, Logan promises to stop using the street drugs. Time after time, those promises are broken, yet Tish keeps a tenacious hold on her dream of their graduation and marriage, even while she has her own battles to fight.Jodie Green is cool, calm, and in control until someone threatens her friend, Tish. Jodie listens, consoles, and is there for Tish when the girl needs a place to hide from her parents.Bulldog Ross McKinley, the local football star, is in danger of being ineligible to play in the district play-off due to a failing grade in history. Ms. Trent, the teacher, gives him twelve hours to turn in a 'proper' research paper and possibly bring his grade up to passing. Ross turns to Coach Garcia hoping he can convince the teacher to pass him. Coach shakes his head and informs Ross that "Neither I, nor the principal, nor God himself will budge Ms. Trent when she sets her mind to something."Alice French has her eye on Bulldog Ross, and plans for him to be her escort to The Christmas Ball. When he invites Jodie instead, the need for revenge consumes Alice.The stew of the students' emotions is stirred by lies, love, jealousy, and violence.Not everyone will survive to graduate.
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ISBN: 9781947946590
ISBN-10: 1947946595
Publisher: Book Liftoff
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2020
Pages: 196
Language: English