The Uncherished Wife: Recover from the Emotionally Absent Man (Paperback)

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Passionate, soul-connected, sacred, stimulating, purposeful, and secure? Do these describe the relationship you only believe exists in your best romance novels? Why have we bought into the lie that a long-term partnership surviving is as good as it gets? Why in the world would we settle for half-assed plan B or a secure but flat relationship when that is counterintuitive to our emotional design for relationships? How did we ever come to believe that our most significant relationship is at its best if it meets the criteria? It's not bad, but it's not great. Why have our standards gotten so low for major life commitments that essentially drive our core pulse in life? The Uncherished Wife was born out of Christina's lifelong passion of personal development and what makes relationships thrive. With honesty and transparency, she shares with her readers from her own study, her personal experience, and her work with hundreds of clients what it takes to find authenticity and freedom in our partnerships. In The Uncherished Wife, Christina guides her readers through the steps toward finding not only the partnership they desire but the partnership they deserve by helping them - know why they have come to settle on a half-hearted connection, - get real about the current state of their relationship, - learn how to feel if their relationship is truly meeting their emotional needs, - discern if their true self is sinking or soaring as a result of their partnership, and - develop a new vision for your current "flat" relationship or let go to create what your heart desires Our significant other is key in supporting us into our highest potential of ourselves, not into a subpar version. A thriving relationship is not some far-fetched dream but a reality we have the power to create.

About the Author

Christina Vazquez (Zeman), MA, has had a life-long passion for personal growth that far exceeds any formal education. In the past two decades, she has become a practicing psychotherapist with advanced clinical training in heart-centered hypnotherapy from the Wellness Institute, as well as certifications in Reiki, EFT, and Law of Attraction coaching. Her consistent personal study of the "science of relationships" integrated with the spiritual aspects, creates a broad approach to healing marriage and committed unions. Christina brings an authenticity to her work with clients as well as to her writing. She transformed her personal journey through the challenge of marriage into a classroom that brings understanding and hands-on experience to her coaching style - and brings results to her clients. Christina is a mother of three beautiful adult daughters and also a grandmother of three. She resides in the southwest suburbs of Chicago with her life partner Bruce and two dogs. In their spare time, Christina and Bruce share a passion for music and perform acoustic sets at local venues. The couple actively incorporates personal and spiritual growth within their committed relationship for the expression of their collective and individual purposes.
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ISBN: 9781982210991
ISBN-10: 1982210990
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: September 20th, 2018
Pages: 108
Language: English